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5523 2458 0049 7487 (Receiver — Iurii Vysoven)
Monobank Jar (monobanka)
20+ with thermal imaging cameras
In transit
drones and accessories
from people who bought them themselves
More than
for chargers, batteries & smart controllers

Fund Reports

All the funds we receive are spent exclusively on the purchase of necessary equipment and drones for the defenders of Ukraine.

The Special Operation Unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is grateful to the Found and to Yuri and Timur personally for the drone, which will significantly help in combat missions.
The part of Omega Special Forces detached unit of National Guard of Ukraine is extremely grateful to everyone who donated to Drones for Ukraine Foundation and really appreciates your participation in our war against russian occupants.
Fighters of the International Legion express their gratitude to all those who donate to drones.
The Special Operation Unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine thanks Drones for Ukraine Foundation for drone, which helps to destroy enemies efficiently.

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Ukrainian forges plane wreckage into key fobs to fund war effort
Never mind forging swords into ploughshares; a Ukrainian businessman is turning scraps of wreckage from a downed Russian...

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Все деньги пойдут на нужды ВСУ. Украинский фонд подготовил сувениры из обломков Су-34, уничтоженного под Киевом
Украинский фонд Drones for Ukraine...

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Ukrainian volunteers offer parts of a shot down Su-34 in exchange for donations
Ukrainian volunteers have started offering a unique souvenir in exchange for donations - a piece of a skin from a shot down Russian...

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