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5523 2458 0049 7487 (Receiver — Iurii Vysoven)
Monobank Jar (monobanka)

Get involved

Thank you for supporting us with donation, but you can also join helping us in other ways.

Donate your drone

You can donate your Mavic 3 or Autel Evo 2 and get your keychain.

Also we will be super grateful for any of these for both Mavic or Autel drones:
- batteries
- charging stations
- hard cases .

If you want to donate your drone or equipment  - please contact us on vysoven@gmail.com

Fundraising events

We provide a few keychains to be distributed on different fundraising events for Ukraine.
For example, Ukrainians of Luxemburg sell them at auction and buy us drones.

We are open for this type of cooperation, please contact us at vysoven@gmail.com

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