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Drones for Ukraine Fund unites various activists throughout Ukraine and abroad of over 30 people of diverse background.

We are a group of volunteers that focus mainly on providing drones to the Ukrainian army. Tymur Kobzar volunteered starting 2014 and Iurii joined our group in 2022.
Tymur Kobzar
Tymur Kobzar
Iurii Vysoven
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Many of my friends tell me '$1,000 - nobody will give you this for this piece of metal, it's crazy.

In the morning, I woke up and understand that on my phone it's already $20-30,000 collected, and we see this constant flow of messages from people asking questions and telling that they want to donate more, they tell us it is an incredible idea.

The uniqueness of this keychain is that we made it from the wreckage of a real Russian plane, this is a really unique gift to those who helped us.

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Ukrainian forges plane wreckage into key fobs to fund war effort
Never mind forging swords into ploughshares; a Ukrainian businessman is turning scraps of wreckage from a downed Russian...

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Все деньги пойдут на нужды ВСУ. Украинский фонд подготовил сувениры из обломков Су-34, уничтоженного под Киевом
Украинский фонд Drones for Ukraine...

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Ukrainian volunteers offer parts of a shot down Su-34 in exchange for donations
Ukrainian volunteers have started offering a unique souvenir in exchange for donations - a piece of a skin from a shot down Russian...

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